Our Office

The professional team of Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates are always ready to serve you and your company. We are established to provide quality services.

Our Office


  1. Head office building located at Embong Malang, Pakuwon Center 18th Floor, Tunjungan Plaza 5 Surabaya.
  2. Meeting Room and other activities.
  3. Multi Display 84" with wireless System Presentation.
  4. Wireless Conference Audio System.
  5. Teleconference System.


  1. Branch office building located at Mayjend Sungkono, Komplek Darmo Park II Blok III No. 19-20 Surabaya.
  2. Library with 40.000 book collection.
  3. Auditorium Maria Enni Emilia at Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates.
  4. Receptionist Office.
  5. Meeting Room.
  6. Flamboyant Room for meeting, course, and other activities.


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